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. actually, they had a negotiation to change. they went from, there was an old gm and a new gm, so they went through kind of a managed bankruptcy after all the bailout work was done. >> then ford did it all on their own. >> wait, this is not true. that is not true. ford had the timing on their side. they went and renegotiated their debt before the 2008 crisis hit. they happened to have an advantage of going to wall street to renegotiate their borrowing authority and it was the calendar. >> the ceo of ford said about mitt romney's prescription. he said if gm and chrysler had gone into a free fall bankruptcy, they would have taken the entire supply chain and auto agency with it. he said that in 2010. so that's really what -- >> speculation is not accurate. >> it is because there was no way that private capital were going to keep those companies alive into a chapter 11 reorganization. they would have gone into liquidation. we would have lost not only those two companies, but the supply chain. >> what he said, these are his words, the american auto industry is vital to our national interest as e
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)